Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

The HBRI evaluates a person’s ability to solve problems and make business-related decisions using textual, graphic, and quantitative data. Many psychologists believe that cognitive ability is an excellent predictor of occupational performance and other important outcomes, including health, wealth, and life satisfaction. The HBRI is the first measure of reasoning ability based on a theory of intelligence and designed exclusively to predict real-world performance.

The HBRI is based on evolutionary psychology. Within this context, intelligence is the ability to reflect on one’s past actions, determine where the problems have occurred, and then devise methods to avoid repeating those problems in the future. Individual differences in this cognitive capacity enhance performance in every significant domain of human action.

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HBRI Features

Through an ongoing dedication to research and development, the HBRI is the only business-related measure of cognitive ability with all these essential features:

  • Designed to predict occupational success
  • Distinguishes between tactical and strategic reasoning abilities
  • Useful for candidate screening and career/leadership development
  • Developed exclusively on working adults
  • Norms based on managerial samples
  • Validated against business success criteria
  • Online administration by protected access
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output
  • User-friendly reports available for selection or development

Sample Report

Click here to view a sample of the HBRI Interpret report.

Technical Facts

  • 24 items representing verbal, quantitative, and graphic material
  • 25 – 30 minute completion time
  • Scores reflect individual differences in tactical and strategic reasoning
  • Items carefully developed to minimize reading requirements and adverse impact
  • The HBRI is reliable, with internal consistency reliabilities in the .82 region
  • Tactical and strategic reasoning correlate at .58.
  • Predicts supervisors’ ratings regarding the ability to produce business results

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