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Leadership matters. Organisations depend on leaders to make important tactical decisions, manage changing market trends, and set strategic vision. When competent leadership prevails, people and companies prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by disengaged workers, corporate corruption, and, eventually, business failure.

HoganLead gives leaders a clear understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and core drivers, and provides them the strategic self-awareness that makes good leaders great.


Identify Potential

HoganLEAD is the product of decades of research, theory, and market experience used to identify the qualities of top leaders. Use this knowledge to identify the next generation of great leaders in your ranks.

Prevent Derailment

Unfortunately, as many as two-thirds of the people currently in leadership positions will fail, leaving companies with damaged reputations, disheartened employees, and downed revenues. Failed leadership is often the product of flawed interpersonal behaviours that prevent leaders from forming and maintaining a productive team. We identify dysfunctional tendencies that can be mitigated through awareness and coaching.

Plan for Future Success

The key to succession management is building a leadership team whose abilities and aspirations match the company’s future needs. HoganLEAD evaluates potential and fosters the growth necessary to guarantee future success.


Potential Report

The Potential Report outlines an individual’s day-to-day leadership style, including behavioural descriptions, leadership competencies, and comprehensive development recommendations. The Potential Report is organised in terms of seven dimensions of normal personality that address a different component of leadership performance.

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Coaching Report

The Coaching Report is a self-guided, comprehensive development planning tool for individual leadership development. The Coaching Report integrates the information from the Potential, Challenge, and Values reports into a five-step planning process. By completing this process, a leader produces a powerful, personal development plan designed to foster professional growth.

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Challenge Report

The Challenge Report describes a leader’s characteristic way of interpreting the world and treating subordinates while under stress and pressure. The Challenge Report predicts career-derailing behaviours that interfere with the ability to build a cohesive and high-performing team – the hallmark of effective leadership.

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Summary Report

The Summary Report is a 7 page report based on the HPI, HDS and MVPI assessments and is intended to be used by the coach. It can be used to understand an individual’s performance potential and any barriers to achieving it. The report summarises information from the Potential, Challenge and Values reports and highlights career development tips and also includes a summary of all assessment scores.

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Values Report

The Values Report explores a person’s core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behaviour, aspirations and expectations about life. What a person values determines how he/she will lead; this determines the kind of environment a leader will create and the sort of organisational culture in which the person will do the best work.

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