8th March 2023 all-day
citizenM Tower of London Hotel
40 Trinity Square
London EC3N 4DJ
£950 + VAT
Psychological Consultancy Ltd
+44 (0)1892 559540

Gillian Hyde’s HDS Masterclass provides the opportunity to explore the territory of the Hogan Development Survey – positioning the instrument, linking research findings to practice, discussing combinations of scales, sharing interpretive advice, watching real life profiles act out their dark sides, and giving you the confidence to uncover more nuanced information on the Dark Side of personality. Dark sides which are likely to surface within the current climate of stress and uncertainty.

If you’re an HDS trained user and looking for more in-depth interpretation skills, this is the perfect opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most experienced HDS users.

Workshop Cost: £950 + VAT | This is an in-person course, if you’d see to attend virtually, please see our calendar for our virtual dates.

Location: citizenM Tower of London Hotel, 40 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DJ.

Please note that if you’re looking for a deep-dive into all three Hogan tools, the Advanced Interpretation or Advanced Feedback Workshops will be a better option for you.