Over the last couple of months, we have been teaming up with practitioners and industry experts to put on a series of webinars. The latest instalment in our Risk & Leadership series took place on March 22nd and features Sue Stockdale, a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach and record-breaking explorer, who is examining the risk types of female entrepreneurs that she has worked with.

It is always interesting to hear how our assessments are being applied in different ways and to hear the practical benefit arising from their use.


Previous Webinars

March 9th – Clive Steeper, an Executive coach and motorsport enthusiast, together with Geoff Trickey, Managing Director at PCL, took a look at how an understanding of Risk Type can be used to support leadership decision-making and to empower team members. This webinar can be viewed here.

21st January РSteven Goldstein, a Coach in the financial sector gave a fascinating presentation on How Understanding Risk Type Can Impact Trader Performance. Steve’s work with traders has seen significant turnaround in trader performance by increasing an understanding of their Risk Type. He has seen ROI from 66,000 Р1,200,000% amongst the traders he has worked with. Click here to view this webinar.

Training Courses

We also have a number of training events coming up over the next quarter. Our full training calendar can be found here. If you have any questions about the webinars or our training courses please email info@psychological-consultancy.com

  • Profile:Match360 Workshop -12th April
  • Hogan Certification Workshop – 9/10th May
  • TUA/TUP Distance Learning – 11/12th May
  • Motives, Values, Preferences, Inventory Workshop – 13th May
  • Risk Type Compass workshop 9th June