PCL’s Ability Tests

PCL has published a series of online tests that assess candidates across three key domains: verbal ability, numerical ability and practical reasoning ability. Developed over a multi-year research programme, the tests were originally published in 2006 and have been validated against academic achievement and training success.


  • Verbal Ability: 15 minutes
  • Numerical Ability: 30 minutes
  • Practical Reasoning Ability: 20 minutes

Check Test Verification

Every candidate report includes a short ‘Check Test’ pitched at the difficulty level achieved by the online administration. This can be used in paper-and-pencil format to verify the online performance of those advancing to the next stage in the selection process: e.g. to short list or interview. Candidate awareness of this verification process has been shown to reduce the incidence of ‘fake’ completions and to be effective in identifying ‘inflated’ test scores. (This is the original “verify” process now adopted by others in the test publishing industry).


  • Online administration through our PsyKey assessment platform
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output 
  • Paper and pencil versions also available
  • ‘Check Test’ to verify candidate’s performance included with their report

Interested in Ability Testing?

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