Explore the array of Profile:Match2 reports available. Whatever your needs, there is a Profile:Match2 report that will aid in streamlining and improving your human resources processes. Click on each of the images below to view sample reports or visit the main Profile:Match2 page for further information.


Job Analysis Survey

Assess a particular role to determine the most relevant competencies.


Sifting Report

Quickly sort through a pool of applicants to see those who will be best for the job.


Interview Guide

Provides probing questions to ask at interview, highlighting potential gaps in a candidate’s suitability.


Selection Report

Objectively assess the strengths and limitations of candidates while comparing them to others.


Development Report

Review an employee’s strenghts or limitations, and facilitate developmental processes for improvement.


360 Feedback Report

Assesses past performance and future potential to give a robust overview for reviews, appraisals and personal development.


360 Coaching Supplement

Identify the extent to which an employee’s personality is likely to facilitate performance, and coach employees to improve performance.

Profile:Match2 Technical Manual

The P:M2 Technical Manual provides insight into the development behind the tool and the robust validation processes it has been subjected to.