The Four Pandemics

Lessons learnt from the pandemic

Words by Geoff Trickey, CEO, Psychological Consultancy Ltd.

Video Narration, Elliot Phillips, Business Psychologist, Psychological Consultancy Ltd.

Looking back at the COVID-19 pandemic, and particularly our individual reactions to it, there are many lessons to be learnt. Reactions have been remarkably varied. Some were absolutely terrified by the idea of a killer virus, others seemingly oblivious –  even nonchalant. While some were hoarding resources behind locked front doors, planning never to leave the house, the more adventurous took things one day at a time, optimistically seeking opportunities to break out.

When we view the pandemic through the lens of our subjective experiences, it is clear that these were extremely varied. Natural differences in risk disposition meant that people have been living in parallel universes. Across this video series we explore the wide range of responses to COVID-19 and make sense of them using the Risk Type Compass as a framework. So join us on this exploration of the risks, uncertainties, and even opportunities associated with the pandemic.

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