Hogan Leader Focus

Leadership qualities are as multi-faceted as the people who make up any organisation. Yet most organisations tend to view leadership advancement as reliant on people management skills, rather than technical expertise or achieving results. Hogan’s new Leader Focus report takes elements of the HPI and MVPI to provide insight into a candidate’s predisposition for six different styles of leadership. The report will inform their areas of effectiveness as well as areas to develop.

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The Leader Focus Report Hogan Sample

Leader Focus Dimensions: 

  • Results Leader – Key focus is on winning. They set high goals for themselves and others and may sacrifice relationships to achieve outcomes.
  • People Leader – Key focus is on relationships. They are skilled at building and maintaining relationships with others, but may struggle with handling conflict and holding staff accountable.
  • Process Leader – Key focus is on implementation. They focus on creating, following and enforcing policies, but may resist change and innovation.
  • Thought Leader – Key focus is on ideas. Skilled in idea generation and strategic problem-solving, but may lack the focus to follow through on implementation.
  • Social Leader – Key focus is on people. Skilled at communicating, networking and developing connections, but may not listen effectively.
  • Data Leader – Key focus is on information. Strong analytical leadership style, but may rely too heavily on numbers and resist intuitive decision-making.

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