360 degree assessments help employees increase self-awareness by identifying strengths and weaknesses as observed by those closest to them. The insight gained from the process encourages personal development and enhances performance, helping organisations achieve their goals. No other instrument in the psychometric tool kit can reveal as much about an individual’s performance and reputation in the workplace.

However, 360 degree assessments are not without their pitfalls. Badly run 360 degree programmes can lead to frustration and demoralisation amongst staff due to the time invested and the sensitive nature of feedback.

Profile:Match2™ 360 Assessment Workshop

Our ‘on demand’ workshop uses the Profile:Match2™ assessment platform to demonstrate how you can gain insight into staff performance and reputation and how this affects their approach and working relationships.

This one-day workshop will coach you in how to deliver effective 360 degree programmes for your organisation, avoid common pitfalls, and develop your confidence in applying best practice. You will also gain first-hand experience of the process by completing your own 360 Feedback Report using Profile:Match2™.

Upon completion of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Structure a 360 programme, from administration to communication and delivery of results
  • Review and interpret Profile:Match360™ Feedback Report & Coaching Supplement
  • Lead a 360 degree discussion for maximum development
  • Identify behavioural objectives
  • Implement development and action planning

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