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PCL is a firm of leading business psychologists specialising in effective HR assessment solutions.

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Profile:Match2™ is a powerful predictive tool that links personality to on-the-job performance. Assessments are tailored to the requirements of a specific job and incorporate analysis of the behaviours and competencies that are critical to success in that role.
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Risk Type Compass

The Risk Type Compass is a personality assessment that focuses on differences in the way individuals perceive, manage and make decisions about risk. Based on extensive global psychological research, it places individuals into one of eight distinctive Risk Types, providing insights that have important implications for individuals, teams and the organisation.
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Elite Hogan Training

PCL is the UK’s most experienced Hogan trainer and was the first to launch the assessment suite here almost 20 years ago. As a Hogan Authorised Distributor, we have worked closely with the founders and trained hundreds of companies in the UK and globally. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your Hogan training or assessment needs. 

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Welcome to Psychological Consultancy Ltd.

PCL is a firm of leading business psychologists specialising in effective HR assessment solutions. We work with clients globally to enhance their employee recruitment, development and engagement decisions, as well as to harness the power of their leaders. With over 20 years’ experience, we are committed to providing solutions that are underpinned by cutting-edge research. Our reputation is built on delivering world-class innovations that have helped to significantly increase organisational effectiveness.


Our British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited training courses are designed and delivered by highly experienced psychologists. They are regularly revised to keep you updated with new ideas and concepts within the field.


PCL’s products are supported by robust psychological research to genuinely enhance your HR decisions.


Our consulting services are designed to directly impact your bottom line and deliver a high return on investment.

As well as assessment and development centres, we offer a Leadership Development Programme, coaching and employee engagement services, together with advice on creating a high-performance organisation.

Our expert advice is based on leading-edge psychological research and is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

I was very impressed with the quality and flexibility of PCL’s approach to delivering Hogan training for us.

Tim Payne

Partner, KPMG

We’ve had great service from PCL. They are approachable, flexible and professional. They listened to our needs and offered advice and support on the best solution. Janis Martinez

Leadership Development Partner, The Co-op

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Industry Insight

Research and findings from our team of business psychologists.

Risk Type Influence in Air Traffic Controllers

Risk Type Influence in Air Traffic Controllers

By Simon Toms & Geoff Trickey, Psychological Consultancy Ltd Background The role of ‘Air Traffic Controller’ has few rivals when it comes to handling high-stake risks on a day-to-day basis, so it is unsurprising that risk management is regarded as a priority....

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Presentations and insights from our team of experts

Assessing Workplace Competencies: What Has Personality Got To Do With It?

Competencies are every day language terms that flag up what is needed for success in the workplace. Yet, most psychometric assessments focus on personality traits rather than competencies. They don’t explain how these personality traits impact on the way a person is likely to perform in a role, so it’s left to subjective judgements or a leap of faith. 

Debunking The Myths About Health & Safety Risk

“We have good processes… If we could just get people to follow them we would be fine”. This is common rhetoric heard from risk and health and safety (H&S) managers, so why do many companies find their accident rates remain stubbornly resilient? 

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