The Hogan 360 multi-rater assessment

The Hogan 360 assessment, powered by Peter Berry Consultancy, measures reputation by comparing self-assigned ratings against those from peers, managers and direct reports.

Aligned with Hogan’s core assessments

The Hogan 360 multi-rater assessment benchmarks an individual’s scores on a number of competencies against others, highlighting strengths and opportunities for development. This comprehensive feedback creates the perfect context for strategic self-awareness and professional growth.

The behavioural measures associated with emotional intelligence are a key component of the Hogan 360. Research shows that exceptional managers exhibit characteristics that indicate strong EQ behavioural competencies, such as strong people skills and a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Top performers also score highly on business competencies, meaning that they are knowledgeable, experienced, and hardworking.
Ultimately, reputation boils down to the ability to build and maintain relationships.

Introduction to the Hogan 360 multi-rater assessment

Join Peter Berry and Shayne Nealon as they provide an introduction to the Hogan 360 Suite, discuss where the Hogan 360 started, where it is now and what’s next.

How can you use the Hogan 360 multi-rater assessment?

To access the Hogan 360 reports, you will need to complete a free two-hour online web course. This will ensure you understand the reports and can utilise them fully. It is not necessary to be Hogan qualified (HPI, HDS & MVPI) to complete the Hogan 360 qualification, but an understanding of the Hogan approach to personality is beneficial.

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