About us

PCL: A Research-Driven, Solution-Focused Business Psychology Consultancy

We have been working with organisations and individuals for 30 years, providing assessment solutions for selection, employee engagement, and personal, team and leadership development. Using the most robust psychometric assessments and an extensive knowledge of business psychology, we help companies make the best decisions for their business and help individuals reach their full potential.

Our in-house Research and Programming Departments develop and refine our own psychometric tools: Profile:Match2 & 360 and the Risk Type Compass, as well as Ability Tests and an Employee Engagement Survey. We also distribute the Hogan assessments and MHS’​ EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360 tools.

A selection of highly experienced trainers provide the most engaging and up-to-date qualifying workshops across our range of tools, influenced by our experience of using the tools in real-world situations.

Our Consultants have been designing and providing bespoke business psychology solutions since our inception, and we have a proven track record of providing return on investment and increasing productivity, engagement and cultural fit for companies.

Our People

We pride ourselves on our People; click here to learn about our talented team.

Long Term Relationships

We offer responsive, customer-focused services that build long-term relationships based on an open and collaborative approach with clients.

Leaders in our Field

We lead the field in business-based assessment, keeping pace with communications technology and promoting ethical HR and British Psychological Society practices.

Evidence Based

Evidence-based, accountable practices that deliver effective assessment solutions to businesses.

Global Reach

PCL has a global network of partners, with affiliations in Europe, North America and South Africa.

Our Clients

We have worked with hundreds of clients, including some who have been with us from the outset in 1992. Clients include:

BMW, e-on, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Hiscox, HBoS, HMRC, JP Morgan, KPMG, Legal & General, Lloyds Register, O2, Sainsburys, The Automobile Association, The Cabinet Office, Twinings