Profile:Match2® supports your competency-based recruitment and development

Profile:Match2® is a leading personality assessment tool based on the Five Factor Model and aligned with workplace competencies.

How does it work

Linking personality and soft-skill competencies to on-the-job performance, assessments are tailored to the requirements of a specific job and provide insight into the behaviours critical to job success. Based on your selection from our competency library, a highly relevant report is created for each of your applicant’s personality assessments to support competency-based recruitment and development.

Profile:Match2® measures potential, refocusing attention from what a candidate has done, to what they might be capable of.

This clip explores how by dividing each of the big five personality factors into two different components, Profile:Match2® allows you to make sophisticated distinctions between candidates, identifying precisely how their personality traits match onto your key competencies.

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"Being a well-known brand, we attracted a lot of applicants for our in-store sales consultant position. The aim was to recruit the best performing salespeople while also reducing attrition. We wanted to assess the parts of personality related to high performance in sales. Profile:Match2® assessed candidates against the relevant competencies, leading to bespoke interview questions which further probed candidates on these competencies. The result was that sales staff recruited using Profile:Match2® yielded 10% more in sales than their colleagues."