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Psychological Consultancy Ltd. (PCL) is a firm of leading business psychologists specialising in effective psychometric assessment solutions, based on our world-renowned portfolio of tools. Our business psychology consultants work with clients globally to enhance their employee talent acquisition, talent development and engagement decisions, as well as to harness the power of their leaders. With 30 years of business psychology and psychometric experience, we are committed to providing products that are underpinned by cutting-edge research. Our reputation is built on delivering world-class solutions that have helped to significantly increase organisational effectiveness.

Hogan Coffee Mornings

Our next Hogan Coffee Morning, taking place on 26th September, via Zoom, is ideally suited for those who have questions about the tools and the report options available. The session will also provide an opportunity to network with others applying the suite within their work, and give a brief taster of our advanced Hogan feedback & interpretation courses. Register your spot via the link below. 

Risk Type Compass Coffee Mornings

Our upcoming coffee morning will answer any questions you have about the Risk Type Compass tool, including feedback and interpretation support, as well as give you the opportunity to hear from fellow delegates as to how they apply the tool within their workplace. We hope to see you there! Register your spot. 

Read about our personality-based approach to risk management in IOSH Magazine

We’re proud to be included in the March/April issue of IOSH magazine, where Geoff shares his insights on a personality-based approach to risk management (via the link below). The article covers how we can use personality assessment to facilitate a more flexible approach to risk management, maximising employee engagement, participation and trust, and includes case studies.

Cognitive diversity within teams and boardrooms

How are you different to Tom and Eli, your co-workers who have both been appointed to head up a new team within the sales division? We don’t mean differences such as gender, race and age (while incredibly important) – but risk personality. 

Geoff Trickey explores how the Risk Type Compass can assess cognitive diversity within teams and boardrooms. 

Shortlisted for the ABP awards

We’re proud to have been shortlisted for The Association for Business Psychology award, ‘Excellence in applying business psychology for social impact’, for our Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP).

The SSP, facilitated by Dr. Simon Toms, champions the next generation of Business Psychologists, by offering significant support to students completing their research dissertations.

If you’re an MSc student in an Occ. Psyc related discipline – find out how you can apply for the next cohort here:

Hogan & EQ Refresher Courses

Welcome to PsyCLUB. Our learning centre for short EQ & Hogan refresher courses.

Click below to discover how you can recharge your original Hogan or EQ certification, via our on-demand videos and workshops.


HDS Masterclass

We thoroughly enjoy running our training courses, and so feedback like this is hugely appreciated!

If you’re a HDS trained user and looking for more in-depth interpretation skills, Gillian Hyde’s upcoming HDS Masterclass is the perfect opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most experienced HDS users.


Risk Type Compass Workshops

The only personality test that specifically addresses risk and decision making.

Success involves optimising opportunities and managing risks. The psychometric assessments measures the intrinsic dispositions of our Risk Type, which impact on all life and career decisions. For individuals, teams and organisations, Risk Type has a persistent and pervasive influence on the way we perceive, manage and make decisions about risk.

Profile:Match2 eBook

How does the BPS approved Profile:Match2 tool enhance each stage of your employee lifecycle?

CIR Magazine - Risk Management Awards

We’re thrilled that the Risk Type Compass been shortlisted for the CIR Magazine Risk Management Awards.

Click to read more about how the psychometric assessment can help you.

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Bespoke Leadership Development Coaching

Our bespoke developmental coaching harnesses our deep understanding of personality and its impact on performance to provide key individual insights for focused interventions. This process enables coachees to raise their game and face the challenges before them in a more effective way, enhancing their self-awareness as well as their interpersonal and team building skills. 


PCL’s psychometric assessments are supported by robust psychological research and developed by highly experienced business psychology consultants to genuinely enhance your HR decisions.



Our training courses are designed and delivered by highly experienced business psychologists. They are regularly revised to keep you updated with new ideas and concepts within the field.

View our training menu and pricelist here.


Our business psychology consulting services are designed to directly impact your bottom line and deliver a high return on investment.

As well as psychometric assessment and development centres, we offer bespoke developmental packages, coaching and employee engagement services, together with advice on creating a high-performance organisation.

Our expert advice is based on leading-edge psychological research and is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

sue colton
sue colton
I have just completed the one day on-line training for the Risk Type Compass (RTC). The programme was incredible insightful and stimulating – which was a lot down to the delivery style, the pace and structure provided by the trainer as well as the great material. She also highlighted so many other uses for it, leaving me keen to seek out opportunties to use it on individuals and groups, including executive teams who would benefit from being profiled collectively. I mostly work with executive search firms mainly in the FS market. We primarily offer Hogan to our clients when conducting assessments for their prospective employees and I am sure the RTC and / or other PCL tools could be used in combination now and more often. I consider it mainly down to the coaching style and the excellent materials provided by the trainer that I passed the exam , so thank you again PCL.
Regina Casteleijn-Osorno
Regina Casteleijn-Osorno
I enjoyed the Hogan training with PCL very much. I was a bit skeptical that an online training of such intensity would be realistic, but Louisa and Elliot were right professionals who not only took the time, but had the patience with us all. I appreciated the bits of extra time and and would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to get a comprehensive course!
Mel Owers
Mel Owers
I want to say how impressed I was with Psychological Consultancy’s overall customer service. I really appreciated how efficient, professional and friendly Elliott was and how he really took the time to understand my issues. Thoroughly recommend.
cat marks
cat marks
As someone who has been using Hogan questionnaires for 15+ years, I found Gillian's HDS masterclass invaluable. Lots of excellent insights, delivered in an accessible way.
Darren Hilton
Darren Hilton
I have been a client with PCL for four years after qualifying for the Hogan Assessments in 2017. I have found their approach, service and team to be very responsive and helpful. In particular, Elliot Phillips, who recently guided me through the Hogan 360 certification and order process. This level of service and quick response enables me to provide an excellent service to my clients, which is one of my core business values. I whole heartedly recommend working with PCL, they are a great team!
Adam Whitty
Adam Whitty
I participated in PCL's training to use their Risk Type Compass risk personality tool. It was fantastic and truly engaging training. I feel fully prepared and excited to start using the RTC in my work with clients. I'm also looking forward to returning for the advanced practitioner training in due course. Thanks again!
Karl Lines
Karl Lines
I've had an excellent experience with Psychological Consultancy. The Risk Compass Tool they have developed is innovative and based on thorough application of evidence, the training delivered to be licensed in using the tool was thoughtful and engaging, and the follow up support they have offered (with Louisa in particular) has been top-class.
Alex Wiffen
Alex Wiffen
After speaking with numerous different psychometric assessment providers and researching the many of the different products in the market I decided that the Hogan Assessments were the best suited to my needs of selection as they had the highest scientific validity of all the assessments and seemed to capture the contradictions in personality across the 3 different inventories (HPI, HDS & MVPI) with great accuracy. Preeya Patel at PCL was incredibly patient, helpful and informative, taking the time to speak to me at length on a number of occasions, to help me come to the right solution. The course itself, which was run with by the engaging and eloquent Louisa Bulow, was exceptional. Nicely paced and expertly delivered with the right level of detail and interaction, I was engaged and focused throughout - something can be challenging when attending remotely with the ever present lure of your email inbox just behind the zoom window. I never felt the temptation to disengage with the course. I now feel fully equipped to utilise these psychometric assessment tools with my own team and our clients. Thanks very much Preeya, Louisa and everyone at PCL.
Jane Waterman
Jane Waterman
Just completed my Hogan accreditation with Psychological consultancy - it was excellent - well presented, excellent resources and responsive trainers. I recommend this course if you want to get trained in using this great tool
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EU Data Protection Standard Contractual Clauses

In accordance with the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC when transferring personal data from the EEA to the UK, PCL have implemented measures to ensure adequate protection for data subjects. This includes our Standard Contractual Clauses for Controller to Processor.

If you are a client of PCL within the EEA, and you are transferring personal data in connection with PCL’s products; Risk Type Compass™, Risk Type Landscape, Profile:Match™ and the Employee Engagement Survey, please click here to complete the Standard Contractual Clauses and return it to