PCL Graduate Development Scheme

Posted February 2021 – applications being accepted currently to start A.S.A.P.

Job Description

This Programme, designed for recent graduates of an MSc Occupational Psychology (or related discipline) degree, will allow successful applicants to experience life in a variety of departments, receive training and professional development in psychometrics and other areas, and, ultimately, the opportunity for a permanent Business Psychology Consultant role. The two-year programme sees successful applicants progress across 4 departments, each for a 6-month period.

Please note that this position will initially be a hybrid role, requiring you to work both from home as well as in our office as some of the job requirements cannot be carried out remotely. As the lockdown restrictions ease, this position will be based in our Tunbridge Wells office 5 days a week.


You will receive official qualications in:

  • British Psychological Society Test User Ability & Test User Personality (TUA/TUP, previously Level A & Level B)
  • Hogan Suite (including HPI, HDS, MVPI)
  • EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360
  • Risk Type Compass
  • Profile:Match2 & 360

There is the opportunity for permanent employment (Consultant Psychologist) upon completion of the Programme, subject to vacancies (starting salary £28,000).

Salary details can be found below.

Job Application

Months 1-6: Administrative Assistant & Training Coordinator (£20,000 p.a.)


  • Using online assessment platforms to set up and manage psychometrics – including Hogan, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360, Risk Type Compass & Prole:Match2
  • Supporting clients via email and telephone with queries – addressing queries or redirecting to an appropriate colleague
  • Meeting and greeting clients and course delegates
  • Arranging logistics (including catering) for training courses
  • Making and serving refreshments for delegates on training courses
  • Providing administrative support to Business Psychologists

Learning Outcomes:

  • Good understanding of all online assessment platforms
  • Good understanding of ordering and invoicing processes
  • Development of strong email and telephone communication skills
  • Understanding of PCL’s client base and their needs


Months 6-12: Marketing Assistant (£21,500 p.a.)


  • Assisting the Marketing Manager with social media, email campaigns and other external communications
  • Learning to use WordPress and make basic edits to the company website
  • Develop insight into trace sources, behaviours, etc. via Google Analytics and social media
  • analytics platforms
  • Assisting with internal marketing efforts, e.g. updating training materials, designing client
  • pitches/presentations, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Good understanding of professional social media channels
  • Appreciation for the types of content PCL customers engage with (e.g. case studies)
  • Improved written communication skills
  • Good understanding of PCL’s internal structure and communication channels


Months 12-18: Research & Product Development Assistant
(£23,000 p.a.)


  • Assisting with statistical data analysis
  • Assisting with producing and updating product technical manuals and research content
  • Providing client support on bespoke data-based projects
  • Generating creative and effective improvement ideas for PCL’s products

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build knowledge in the theory and application of psychometrics
  • Develop ability to create evidence-based content that improves practice
  • Improve capacity to work with quantitative and qualitative data
  • Develop skills to communicate research findings in a relatable forma


Months 18-24: Psychology Consultant & Trainer (£24,500 p.a.)


  • Assisting consultants with client-facing projects
  • Conducting feedback sessions using Hogan, EQ-I 2.0/EQ360, Risk Type Compass and Profile:Match2 tools
  • Generating business via outreach communications and client proposals
  • Preparing client proposals and managing client projects from initial consultation to implementation
  • Running PCL’s training workshops in all tools

Learning Outcomes:

  • Obtaining valuable qualifications to apply our world-leading psychological assessments approved by the BPS
  • Developing an understanding of a wide variety of organizations, jobs and people
  • Ability to apply a range of psychometric tools to address client needs
  • Gaining significant experience of delivering classroom based and webinar training courses
  • Acquiring valuable customer support skills by dealing with client enquiries and providing information about products and services



Applicants must be recent graduates of Business/Occupational Psychology Masters programmes, or related other MSc/MA programmes. Please use ‘Graduate Development Scheme’ in your email’s subject line.



£20,000 p.a. rising by £1,500 p.a. every 6 months – details above.


Company Information

Since 1992 PCL has worked with organisations to deliver assessment solutions for selection, personal development, team building, leadership development and employee engagement. Our offering spans psychometric products, evidence-based consultancy services and training in psychometrics. For more information, see here.



Please contact us with your CV, cover letter and details of your relevant experience by clicking the button below.