Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments

PCL is the UK’s most experienced Hogan trainer and the first to launch the suite of Hogan Assessments here nearly thirty years ago. Grounded in more than a century of science and underpinned by comprehensive industry research, Hogan assessments measure: normal personality (Hogan Personality Inventory); derailment characteristics (Hogan Development Survey); core values (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory); and cognitive reasoning ability (Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory).

Individually, these questionnaires offer sharp-focused assessment from four key perspectives. Combined, they provide a unique insight into the depths of personality and cognitive reasoning with strong implications for performance, retention, organisational “fit” and leadership effectiveness.

Hogan assessments have been used to reduce attrition and increase productivity by helping organisations to recruit the right people, develop key talent and teams, and evaluate leadership potential. 

We can manage the administration of Hogan assessments, provide support and conduct candidate feedback sessions.

Hogan Assessments and Training

If you would like to administer the assessments yourself, you can attend our Hogan certification training courses. You can either attend our Hogan Certification Workshop to get qualified in all Hogan assessments, or we run one day workshops for each assessment (HPI, MVPI, HDS & HDS Advanced). Our courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), so upon completion you can register with the BPS and record your achievement on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).

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Hogan Products

Use the different categories to filter available Hogan reports by the assessment they draw on and/or the purpose.

Data Reports and Data Downloads are available in addition to the below reports. However, please note Data Reports and Downloads only provide basic scores and a profile report with no supporting information or narrative. The Data Download is only available when purchasing another Hogan report.

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