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Supporting your competency-based selection and development strategy

Profile:Match2 is a leading personality assessment tool based on the Five Factor Model. Linking personality and competencies to on-the-job performance, assessments are tailored to the requirements of a specific job and provide insight into the behaviours critical to job success. Based on your selection from our competency library, a highly relevant report is created for each of your applicant’s personality assessments.

Once your candidates have completed the personality questionnaire, reports are generated showing how they measure up to each of the key competencies chosen. The report makes it easy for you to identify the candidates with characteristics that are the best match for the role, or to identify areas that would require further development. Users can also generate a structured Interview Guide, if a candidate gets a score on the relevant personality scale that is too high or too low for that competency, then pertinent interview questions will appear within the guide, enabling exploration of areas highlighted and digging deeper for evidence of suitability. 

Managed through your own online portal – Profile:Match2 is a quick and simple to use personality assessment tool. Reports are fully automated and written in plain language so you do not require any training to administer or interpret them. Training is only required for the 360 degree assessment element of Profile:Match2.

Profile:Match2 can be used across the whole employee lifecycle (click to read our article, exploring this further, on HR Grapevine) and find out more below: 

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Don’t know what you’re looking for?

 Our FREE Job Analysis Survey will help you determine the competencies critical to success. Managers, supervisors or individuals who have done the job or are familiar with it complete the survey and the report prioritises the competencies required and indexes them to show the relative importance of each. This can then be used to select competencies for a Profile:Match2 assessment.

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