Competency based recruitment

Profile:Match2 for Selection

Saving you time and ensuring you get the right person for the job, Profile:Match2 gives you the tools you need to efficiently sift, interview and select new staff. Each of the following reports is built on the competencies you select and provide support and insight for decision-making at each stage of the recruitment process.


Profile:Match2’s Sifting Report makes it easy to screen candidates prior to interview based on the specific skills and behaviours you’re looking to recruit. Giving you a one-page summary to help shortlist prospects from a broad pool of candidates, the report shows clearly whether each candidate is a very poor, poor, average, good or very good match to the competencies selected as key for the role. See sample report here.


Profile:Match2’s Selection Report enables you to assess the strengths and limitations of an individual and objectively compare them against other candidates. Delving further into the details, the Selection Report explains the behavioural implications of a candidate’s profile, and highlights further areas to explore for each competency. See sample report here.

Interview Guide

In addition to providing commentary and insight into candidate’s competency scores, the Interview Guide highlights areas to probe for further evidence. Interview questions are generated to help explore potential gaps, and hints and tips about how to incorporate these questions into the rest of the interview process are included. See sample report here.

FREE Job Analysis Survey

Not sure what competencies to choose? By getting input from managers and colleagues, our FREE Job Analysis Survey determines and prioritises the competencies critical to success. To take the survey, all you need to do is register on the Profile:Match2 site.  See sample report here.