The Risk Type Landscape

Introducing the Risk Type Landscape tool

What is the Risk Type Landscape?

Using Risk Type Compass (RTC) data, the Risk Type Landscape creates a dynamic picture of Risk Culture based on the risk dispositions of staff. This short video shows the tool in action. As individuals complete the RTC, their data feeds into the organisational map, impacting on the colour coding of each team ‘node’.

The resulting landscape allows the user to click through each node to explore undercurrents of Risk Culture within departments and teams, which can be interrogated from four different perspectives; Risk Tolerance, Risk Stability, Cognitive Risk and Emotional Risk Dispositions.

A Risk Type Landscape survey captures reliable and objective Risk Culture data that can be viewed from a total organisation perspective, through to teams and individuals. A truly potent tool for strategic planning, culture audit and organisational change.


How can the Risk Type Landscape tool benefit your organisation?

In words attributed to Peter Drucker; “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”

So why not measure it?

Risk dispositions vary considerably from individual to individual, have a significant impact on decision making and are highly consequential.

In individuals they define a world view that influences life’s trajectory, in teams they account for group dynamics of conflict or collaboration and in organisations, they shape risk culture. Fortunately, whilst invisible, risk dispositions can be objectively and reliably measured using the Risk Type Landscape tool.

The mapping of the location and prevalence of Risk Types enables risk propensity to be identified and managed; running ‘what if’ scenarios, designing virtual teams, identifying potential for ‘group think’, resistance to change, creative innovation and psychological capital.

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Challenging Risk Culture webinar

Geoff Trickey, CEO of Psychological Consultancy and the founder of our Risk Type tools recently hosted a two-part webinar series introducing the Risk Type Landscape. Click the videos below to view the webinar recordings and sign up to our Risk Type newsletter to find out further insights, news and event dates.