Case studies

Discover the power of PCL’s tailored approach through our compelling case studies, showcasing the effective application of our psychometric assessments and consultancy services to meet the needs of our clients.

Bespoke Coaching

The client was a newly formed start-up global payments solution provider, resulting from a merger of two established organisations. The objective was to integrate, develop and coach the c-suite.

Employee Engagement

The Senior Management team of a leading accountancy firm in the South East planned to implement positive change in their workplace. They recognised that ‘people are a big part of the business’ and wanted to involve employees in this process.

High Potential Development

Following the appointment of a new CEO in 2019, Condé Nast, the world-renowned media company, has centralised its global business model. The newly unified global talent team was charged with identifying and developing the internal pipeline of emerging leaders worldwide.

Hogan Judgement

A British utilities company wanted to help their leaders make better judgements by giving them an appreciation of how they approach decision making and how they take on board feedback.

Hogan Judgement

A globally recognised law firm uses the Hogan Judgement Report in a programme designed to prepare senior candidates for Partnership, emphasising the importance of effective decision making in the role.

Hogan, Executive Assessment

A UK based non-profit organisation needed to make a critical hiring decision for their senior leadership team, and it was essential that the final candidate could balance a drive for innovation with strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

Hogan, Team Development

A corporate sales team for an international coffee shop chain was looking to enhance their effectiveness as a team. They had experienced a lot of change in the past, and there was an opportunity for greater clarity.