PCL in the media

PCL contributes regular commentary and thought-leadership to the media.  If you have any enquiries or would like to speak to a PCL spokesperson, please contact Anna Pettinger.

The European Actuary

September 2022: Geoff Trickey on the critical importance of recognising human factors in assessing risk. (pages 16-19).


IOSH Magazine

July/August 2022: Geoff Trickey on how OSH professionals can break with an ‘enforcer’ tradition to make new people-centered models of risk management a success (pages 32-34). 


CIR Magazine (page 14 & 15)

May 2022: Geoff Trickey, enhance Human Capital in an era of great change


Civil Service World (page 14)

April 2022: Gillian Hyde and Mark Powell, Healthy Scepticism


IHR: In-house Recruitment

MARCH 2022: Recruiting into Senior Leadership Teams: Why Should We Consider Cognitive Diversity?


IOSH Magazine

MARCH 2022: Approaching Risk Management


HR Director

JANUARY 2022: Supporting people-centric decision making during organisational change.


Safety & Health Practitioner

JANUARY 2022: Risk type, compliance and personal responsibility: The benefits of a person-centric approach to risk management.


JULY 2021:  How much risk is your client willing to take? 


JULY 2021: What is social capital, and how can we maintain it if we are working from home? Geoff Trickey explains


JUNE 2021: Why did the scarecrow get offered the job? Perhaps the blackbird put in a good word? Or, was their proven resilience a top priority? How can we assess whether the answers given during the interview process are truly reflective of actual in-the-field performance and ensure a candidate’s personality characteristics best suit your organisational strategy – particularly during this period of relentless change?


MAY 2021: A leader with extreme visionary ideas can lose the focus of the rest of their team. Mark Powell and Gillian Hyde provide strategies to mitigate negative repercussions. 


MAY 2021: Imagine this scenario. You’re new in your role as an HR Manager. You can see from the get-go that there is an obvious discord within the sales team. Resentment and complaints about the manager are rife, and there’s a clear impact on motivation and wellbeing. Tasked with the role of improving relations within this group, how can you, from an HR perspective, mitigate these conflicts in attitude?


MARCH 2021: Research has found that today’s Public Sector leaders are likely to be more resilient and demonstrate higher creativity than ten years ago. Mark Powell, Partner – Leadership and Talent Consulting at GatenbySanderson, and Gillian Hyde, Chief Psychologist and Managing Director at Psychological Consultancy Ltd. explore.


MARCH 2021: With each of us having our own individual pre-disposition to risk and approach to decision-making, Geoff Trickey explores the reasons behind our varying reactions to COVID-19, and how this information can be implemented to support changes to working practices.


FEBRUARY 2021: Geoff Trickey features within Consumer Behaviour experts, Canvas8, report on hybrid working.


DECEMBER 2020: Gillian Hyde shares her unrivalled expertise on Hogan’s HDS tool, as well as the derailers that may be exacerbated in the pandemic.


DECEMBER 2020: Geoff Trickey explains why is it important for decision-making teams to include people with a variety of risk dispositions.


SEPTEMBER 2020: Gillian Hyde advises on graduate trainee onboarding during the pandemic.


JULY 2020: How can we work to minimise conflicts of attitute as and when we return to the office.


MAY 2020: In a follow-up feature on risk management and personality, Geoff Trickey looks at the significance of risk types in personality in the response to COVID-19.


MAY 2020: In a follow-up feature on risk management and personality, Geoff Trickey looks at the significance of risk types in personality in the response to COVID-19.


MAY 2018: Geoff Trickey discusses the personality characteristics of successful and unsuccessful CEOs.



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