Assessing Risk Type For A Safer Working Environment

The Issue

A major European mining organisation was seeking to reduce accidents and to create a safer working environment for its staff. The goal was to enhance employees’ awareness of how their risk disposition impacts their behaviour, encourage personal responsibility and increase the organisation’s accountability for safety.

The Solution

The organisation worked with specialist coach, Nicky Schlatter, to conduct a safety workshop. All attendees completed the Risk Type Compass assessment, which provides insight into how individuals perceive, react to and manage risk. It places them into one of eight distinct Risk Types based on their personality, which has a persistent and pervasive impact on their safety behaviour.

During the workshop, attendees used real-life scenarios to explore the strengths and potential blind-spots associated with each Risk Type, as well as how different Types complement and conflict with each other. Applying the knowledge to their own roles, they learnt how to take responsibility for risk behaviour, leverage their Risk Type and manage tendencies that could negatively impact safety behaviour.

The Results

Feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Raising employees’ self-awareness of risk disposition and how it consistently impacts behaviour increased their individual accountability and helped to create a safer working environment.

Nicky Schlatter commented: “The Risk Type Compass gave employees unique insight into how their personality influences safety behaviour in ways they had never previously considered. It gave them an invaluable framework and common language to share throughout the organisation.”


• European mine sought to create a safer work environment


• Risk Type Compass used to explain the impact of personality on safety behaviour and how strengths and blind-spots can be managed


• Heightened self-awareness increased individual accountability and helped create safer work behaviours

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