The Dark Side of Career Preferences

by Furnham, A., Hyde, G., Trickey, G., Journal of Applied Social Psychology 2014, 44, pp. 106–114

Over 2,000 people completed two validated questionnaires: one measuring “dark side” personality traits and the other a measure of values and preferences that indicates the type of work that an individual would like to do and is best suited for. Dark side variables (and demographics) accounted for between 11% (science) and 46% (affiliation) variance in specific vocation related values. Factor analysis suggested three overall value/vocation factors (enterprising, traditional, and social) and three dark side variables (moving against, away from, and toward others). The three dark side factors predicted around a third of the variance in favoring enterprising and social occupations. Implications for vocational guidance and limitations of the study are considered.

This study uses the Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) psychometric assessment.

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