All the power and versatility of PROFILE:MATCH2, now on mobile or tablet

A ‘next generation’ assessment utility

Psychological Consultancy Limited (PCL) announce a powerful and innovative new app for HR and recruitment professionals.  The Profile:Match2 (PM2) app offers the ultimate flexibility in managing psychometric assessments on-the-go from your mobile devices. Launched at the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Division of Occupational Psychology Conference last week, the PM2 app for phone or tablet makes it easier than ever to manage assessment of behavioural competencies for recruitment, staff development and 360 appraisals at any time, wherever you are.

Our mission is to make psychometric technology as accessible and useful as possible, allowing clients to configure and deliver assessments when they’re on the move. All the features of the PM2 app even work offline.

In the airport lounge, on the train, or even in the bath

The PM2 app allows you to design and set up selection, development or 360 assessments on-the-go. You can invite candidates, check progress, send reminders and review your existing assessment configurations. Or, launch the free job analysis survey and invite colleagues and others to contribute their view about the most critical competencies for success. All this from any mobile device.

This is the first psychometric dashboard that allows me to set up assessments on-the-go via a mobile app. Having the flexibility to access PM2 when I’m out of the office means I can manage my assessments more quickly and efficiently.

Predicting on-the-job performance

Unlike typically panoramic personality assessments, you can focus PM2 on the specific characteristics that support on-the-job performance. Assessments are tailored to the competencies required for success. Tailoring means that reports are 100% relevant, providing insight into the personality characteristics identified as the most likely to promote performance in that role.

Research presented in 2017 at the BPS DOP conference confirms that assessing competencies can be up to twice as effective in predicting sales performance as individual personality traits alone. PM2 is a BPS registered test and its personality scales have been shown to outperform other leading personality assessments in accurately measuring the ‘Big Five’ personality factors.

The PM2 app is available on both Apple and Android devices. To register and download the app, visit

If you would like more information, please contact or call +44 (0) 1892 559540.