Christmas workshop

It was the night before Christmas, and Santa’s elves were busy making their final preparations before their annual journey to the UK. Wary elf, in the midst of ticking off his strict to-do list, suddenly exclaimed, “Another partridge in a pear tree! I haven’t planned for this! Where will it sit in the sleigh? Will there be more?!”

“Don’t fret!” said the Adventurous elf. “The party’s on, the feeling’s here, that only comes, this time of year! I’ll quickly knock up a perch for the partridge behind Prancer.”

But baby, it’s (not) cold outside!” the Prudent elf noticed, “It was meant to be a White Christmas, but I’ve just read about a possible heatwave that will alter our plans drastically! Plans I’ve been meticulously making for months. If there’s less than 4.62ft of snow, the sleigh will suffer on a hard landing.”

“Well, once the presents are all packed up and the reindeer are ready to go, I’ll be driving home for Christmas,’ exclaimed the Carefree elf. “We can always Step into Christmas Eve a different way this year, I’ve got a cosy side car that Santa can sit in!”

Father Christmas Motorbike

“Don’t worry, we have procedures for unseasonably hot weather. I’ve already ordered landing wheels for the sleigh – and I’m confident they’re the right dimensions not to buckle under the weight of all the expectant children’s presents,” assured the Deliberate elf.

“Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every day!” the Intense elf suddenly bellowed! “I love it when the kids start singing and the band begins to play. But hang on, imagine how overworked we’d be if Christmas happened EVERY day! Argh! Come to think of it, that’s far too much stress!”

“Elves!” the Excitable elf interrupted, “Stop the cavalry! I just saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus! This is a disaster! Or…hang on! This will mean I can get us on the nice list this year!”

“Exactly, it’ll be fine,” the Composed elf calmly echoed. “Last Christmas, she gave Rudolph her heart. But the very next day he gave it away, so this year, to save her from tears, she’s giving it to someone special.”

And with that, the balanced team of elves placed the final presents onto the sleigh and chimed, ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone….’

Which elf are you?

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