October 12th 2022 was a BIG day in the PCL diary, as 100 valued guests came together to celebrate our 25th anniversary with Hogan Assessment Systems (technically 26, but what’s a year between friends?)

It’s hard to believe we began this journey in the 1990s, when the HPI administration and scoring software was still on MS DOS and required floppy disks for credits! Since then, our successful 25-year relationship with Hogan has seen us develop the first UK editions of the assessments – along with the creation of UK norms, reliabilities and validities –introduce the HDS to the UK, and benefit from the technological savvy of key people at Hogan Assessment Systems who championed online testing and transformed the psychometric test business.

The central London event had prominent speakers (including Dr. Robert Hogan himself) sharing their invaluable expertise with our wonderful clients, but clients also shared their insights with each other and, excitingly, the celebration gave us an opportunity to catch up in person (with cake, of course).


First to take the stage was leading psychologist, Professor Adrian Furnham, who assessed the literature on skills training to determine the factors that influence the success of leadership development to determine whether leadership can be taught. Answer? Yes, we can teach skills, and people DO improve BUT this all depends on several moderator variables.

PCL’s Chief Psychologist, Gillian Hyde, then dipped into the Hogan archives to explore data trends, investigating whether there were any significant differences between the UK & global groups, the private and public sector, and between various industry sectors. Gillian also shared her insights into interpreting no high scores on the HDS, which you can learn more about at Gillian’s (complimentary) online session this January 25th (12-1pm) – email (anna@psychological-consultancy.com) for the Zoom link to join.

Dr. Robert Hogan, founder & president of Hogan Assessment Systems, then made his way to the lectern to cover rethinking leadership. How good is modern leadership? Is it time to consider ‘fugitive literature’? Dr. Hogan shared five lessons, based on his in-depth knowledge, highlighting the key attributes required for his take on successful leadership.

Concluding the event with the statement – leadership development is broken – Wendy Hogan, partner and board chair, Hogan Assessment Systems, examined actionable advice to help stretch our thinking about leadership, showcasing the fundamentals of Hogan’s leadership theory and how it can be applied to development.