The ‘Bright Side’ of personality

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a versatile tool which focusses on normal or ‘bright side’ personality traits – qualities that describe how we relate to others when we are at our best. Providing in-depth insight into how people work and lead, the HPI is linked to on-the-job performance and can be used for selection and hiring and personal and leadership development.

Over more than 25 years, the HPI was refined on the basis of performance-related validity research as the authors sought to “capture excellence” across a wide range of jobs; identifying the facets of personality that distinguish the best from the rest. The result is a 206 item questionnaire which identifies the individuals most likely to be effective in any role, and the roles in which individuals are likely to be most effective. It is the first normal range personality questionnaire based on the five-factor model of personality designed specifically for occupational assessment.

HPI Uses

Staff Selection

The HPI has been designed to predict job performance and is rooted in unrivalled performance related validation. Consistent and reliable performance in any job depends on matching the individual’s temperament to the demands of that role and the HPI provides ‘sharp focus’ assessment to this end.

Personal Development

Self-knowledge is the key to maximising potential. An individual’s awareness of which personality characteristics are assets and which will limit performance provides the necessary basis for personal development. We all need to learn to manage those temperaments, impulses and dispositions that work against career success. Whether through coaching or other personal development programmes, HPI feedback contributes high status information to the process.

Staff Retention

The fall-out from bad appointment decisions will be evident in poor performance and low retention. Staff appointed to roles for which they are temperamentally unsuited are unlikely to resist opportunities for more fruitful employment elsewhere. The use of the HPI will allow appropriate redeployment of valued staff into more suitable roles.


The HPI can also be used for leadership development. The tool helps interpret leader qualities and behaviour, and how they may be perceived by others, whilst also highlighting potential areas for development.


Primary Scales

Occupational Scales

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