Resistance is Futile: Risk Disposition & Achieving Successful Organisational Change

by Simon Toms & Charlotte Flohberg

The dramatic demise of Blockbuster, amongst others, symbolises a stark warning about resisting change. In today’s modern world, the rate of change is ever-increasing, influenced by:

– globalisation
– technological advances
– emerging markets
– financial & political volatility
– shifting population demographics

Stagnation is not an option in this context, and this project sought to delve deeper into how organisational change can be more effective.

Using measures of Resistance to Organisational Change (Oleg, 2003) and Perceptions of Organisational Change (Rafferty & Griffin, 2006) alongside the Risk Type Compass™, we researched how personality psychology can affect reactions to change and how a better understanding of individual differences may contribute to change agents’ successful management of change projects.

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