The Scottish Government Recruits Candidates Using Profile:Match2

The Situation

Registers of Scotland, part of the Scottish Government, asked leading business psychologists McAdam King to design a bespoke assessment process based on its competency framework. The client was looking to recruit senior HR candidates who could hit the ground running.

The Solution

To make sure the process was as rigorous as possible, McAdam King used Profile:Match2 to assess candidates against the competencies that were critical for success.

“Matching the competencies in Profile:Match2 to the client’s framework was quick and simple and we were confident we were testing the right areas,” says Christine Bishop, Senior Business Psychologist at McAdam King.

Profile:Match2 translates the results of personality profiles into competencies using sophisticated algorithms, so it does not require an expert to interpret the results. Reports are written in highly accessible language that can be interpreted by all decision-makers.

The Results

Profile:Match2 added invaluable quantitative and qualitative information into the assessment process. “With Profile:Match2 we made sure that candidates were being assessed against relevant competencies rather than general personality measures that may not be important for the job,” said Ms. Bishop. “Both the client and candidates were very positive about the process and, crucially, the chosen candidates have proven to be a great fit and highly successful in their roles.”


• Registers of Scotland seeks to fill senior HR roles with an assessment based on its competency framework


• Profile:Match2 used to match competencies to the client’s framework and create bespoke assessments relevant to the roles


• Candidates selected using Profile:Match2 prove to be a great fit and highly successful in the roles

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