The Values of Work Success

by Furnham, A., Hyde, G., Trickey, G., Personality & Individual Differences, 55 (2013)

This study attempted to examine the work value correlates on various occupational scale dimensions like service, sales and management. In all 1458 people completed two validated questionnaires: one measuring six occupational scales (HPI: Hogan Personality Inventory) and the other measuring the values and preferences that indicate the type of work that an individual would like to do, and is best suited for (MVPI: Motives and Values Preferences Inventory). There were many sex differences on the values measured. Hierarchical regressions showed some values (Affiliation, Power, Recognition) related to many of the occupational scales but often in the opposite direction. Factor analysis suggested three overall value/vocation factors (Enterprising, Traditional and Social). Implications for vocational guidance and limitations of the study are considered.

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