Adding Backbone to Competency Appraisals with Profile:Match2

The situation

Many hotel chains still rely heavily on performance ratings for staff appraisals that are highly subjective. Ratings tend to reflect managers’ impressions of an employee’s general effectiveness rather than how they perform against the specific competencies required. Opportunities are therefore missed to maximise the benefits of a process intended to support personal development, performance and staff retention.

The solution

Employees of a major international hotel chain were assessed using Profile:Match2 in addition to an industry-established appraisal framework. Profile:Match2 provided an objective measure of employees’ strengths and areas for development relating to 10 competencies relevant to their roles.

The results

Analysis of the hotel chain’s appraisal ratings revealed that their existing approach to staff evaluation showed very little differentiation across competencies. Staff tended to be rated high on everything or low on everything, suggesting that general social impression outweighed any consideration of specific competencies. As a result, the appraisal system did not effectively differentiate between employees.

Incorporating a tool like Profile:Match2 into the appraisal process addresses concerns surrounding rating subjectivity and ensures employees are effectively assessed against specific job competencies. As a result, companies can be more effective in targeting areas for improvement in employees’ personal development plans, thereby delivering greater benefits for both their staff and the organisation.

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• Hotel chain relies on subjective performance ratings for staff appraisals


• Profile:Match2 used to provide an objective measure of performance


• Profile:Match2 highlights employee strengths and areas for improvement in relation to key competencies

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