Assessing Workplace Competencies: What Has Personality Got To Do With It?

Competencies are every day language terms that flag up what is needed for success in the workplace. They’re used to express whether someone is a fluent communicator, a creative spark or has a sharp analytic mind. Yet, most psychometric assessments focus on personality traits rather than competencies. They don’t explain how these personality traits impact on the way a person is likely to perform in a role, so it’s left to subjective judgements or a leap of faith. In this 45 minute webinar Geoff Trickey, Managing Director at PCL, and Christine Bishop, Senior Business Psychologist at McAdam King Business Psychologists, discuss:

  • Why competencies can be a better predictor of performance than personality traits alone
  • How to quickly and easily assess competencies while maintaining the accuracy of psychometric testing
  • How to tailor a competency assessment to a specific job role and align it with your competency framework

Christine will discuss how she managed the recruitment for key roles in part of the Scottish Government by measuring competencies that were critical to success.

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