Online Questionnaire Completion Time & Personality Test Scores

by Furnham, A., Hyde, G., Trickey, G., Personality and Individual Differences 54 (2013)

Participants completed two well established Hogan assessments online (HPI: Hogan Personality Inventory; and the HDS: Hogan Development Survey). Time taken to complete each study was correlated with scale scores from both questionnaires including the occupational scales derived from the HPI. Those who scored higher on Adjustment (Stability), and Prudence (Conscientiousness) but lower on Learning Approach took longer to complete the test. Those who scored higher on Stress Tolerance and Reliability took significantly longer than those with low scores on these measures. With only the exception of Diligent and Dutiful all correlations between Dark Side variables and time taken were negative, particularly Leisurely, Excitable and Imaginative. Regression showed that up to 6% of the time taken variance could be accounted for. Implications for measurement were considered.

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