Enhancing the Selection Process with Profile:Match2

The Situation

Creaseys is a leading accountancy firm with a reputation built over almost 150 years. The company was looking for a personality assessment to help ensure employees had the required competencies to succeed in the roles they were being hired for. It wanted to add the weight of psychometric insights to its selection process but through an easy-to-use system with reports that were simple to interpret.

The Solution

Profile:Match2 was introduced to assess candidates following first-stage interview. The system tailors assessments by allowing users to simply select the relevant competencies for each job role.

Unlike other psychometric tools, Profile:Match2 uses complex algorithms to translate personality profiles into competencies that help predict job performance. As a result, users do not require in-depth knowledge of psychometrics and the reports are fully accessible to all decision-makers.

The Results

Creaseys now has a robust and streamlined selection process that includes in-depth personality assessment without the need for extensive training on using and interpreting psychometric tests. Claudia Yorath, Creasey’s HR Manager, commented: “Profile:Match2 is so simple to use yet gives us crucial information to support our selection process. Rather than sifting through lengthy reports we can cut through to the relevant information about how someone is likely to perform on the job.” She added: “I can always find competencies relevant to the role I’m recruiting for and the reports provide questions to help us dive deeper into the profiles at interview to ensure we get the right match.”


• Accountancy firm seeks easy-to- use personality assessment to support selection process


• Profile:Match2 introduced to ensure candidates have competencies required to succeed in roles


• Robust selection process in place using personality assessment to predict job performance, without the need for training or in-depth knowledge of psychometric tests