Profile:MatchIn July we announced some exciting new changes to our Profile:Match2 tool, which assesses workplace competencies and helps to predict on-the-job performance. These updates included a regrouping of our competencies into new categories to aid your decision-making, as well as new personality scales for several of the competencies.

In addition to the above, we have made three other updates that we hope will further enhance your experience of using the assessment. These include:

Competency Selection – from 10th October

We have added new functionality when creating an assessment template – the system flags if you choose competencies that significantly overlap with each other. While each competency adds additional information, certain pairings are highly correlated so you may want to choose alternative options to gain greater insight and more differentiation in your assessment.

In addition, from 3rd October clients will be able to close surveys from within their user area so that candidates can no longer take assessments.

Enhanced Feedback Report – from 10th October

We have added the candidate’s personality profile graphic to the PM2 Feedback Report. 

This visual summary complements the interpretive text in the Feedback Report and makes the report more accessible to candidates. Click here to view the sample report.

Interview Guide – available as a standalone report from 10th October

Currently, the PM2 Interview Guide is only available to purchase alongside the Sifting or Selection Report. However, in response to client feedback we are now making it available as a standalone product. The Guide helps you to probe for further evidence of a candidate’s competencies and questions are generated if there are any potential gaps in relation to the desired competency profile. The standalone product will be available to purchase by mid-October.

Please contact or call us on 01892 559 540 if you would like more information on the changes or would like to purchase a report.