6th July 2020

As part of Hogan Assessment Systems’ commitment to providing the highest scientific standards in testing, the older UK norm groups will be retired on 4th September 2020.


These norm groups are:

  • PCL UK Norm (2006 and 2010 version)
  • PCL Managers and Professionals Norm (2006 and 2010 version)
  • UK Total Population (last updated in 2010)

These older norms groups will be automatically replaced by the most recently updated UK norm group, which contains the newest and strongest data available to date, increasing the predictive power of the Hogan assessments with a UK sample population.


You do not need to take any action as the switch will happen automatically on the 4th September 2020.  If you’d prefer to move over to the most recent UK Norm now, or a different norm group such as Global, get in touch and our team will arrange this for you. 

UK vs Global norm

UK Norm

Updated in 2014, this norm group was assembled by Hogan Assessment Systems using data from PCL (78%) and other UK distributors. Candidates taking the Hogan assessments will be compared to a sample group of over 64,000 people (UK based).
Click here to download the norm technical report.

Global Norm

Updated in 2019, this norm covers a working population of over 180 countries, 42 languages with a good spread across gender, age and job level of over 170,000 people who completed the assessment(s).
Click here to download the norm technical report.

What does PCL Recommend?

If your assessment population is totally UK based we recommend switching to the use of the most up-to-date UK norm (N = 65,768 for HPI; last updated 2014). This will be the default update that will happen automatically on September 4th unless you request otherwise. This UK norm has a considerably larger sample size than the older UK norms you are currently using and is most similar to the older norm groups in terms of its mean raw scores across the Hogan scales. 
However, if your assessment population is more global these days you may want to consider switching to the Global Norm. 
Below, Figures 1-3 show a comparison of the distribution of raw scores between the Global 2019, UK 2014 and the PCL Managers and Professionals 2010 norm group percentiles, for 3 Hogan scales. 
To view the comparison data and graphs for all Hogan scales contact our Consultant Preeya. 
A quick comparison of the size and gender breakdown of the older and most recent norm groups can be found here.

Figure 1 (left) shows the distribution of raw scores across percentiles for the Adjustment scale (HPI), comparing the Global (blue), UK (red) and UK Managers and Professionals 2010 (green) norm groups. 

The UK and UK Managers and Professionals norm group are most similar in their distribution. 

Again, Figure 2 (right) shows this for the HDS scale Leisurely. Here, the raw scores for this scale are closer in their distribution across the percentiles with the UK and UK Managers and Professionals groups. 

Figure 3 (left) shows the raw scores against the percentiles for the MVPI scale Recognition. All 3 norm groups here are quite uniform for this scale. 

The graphs above show an example of the differences across 3 norm groups for 3 Hogan scales. We suggest the UK Norm is an appropriate choice of norm group going forward, however if you’d prefer the Global norm group, please get in touch. 


If you’d like to talk through your options with one of our experienced Consultants, please contact us today on info@psychological-consultancy.com / +44 (0) 1892 559540.