• Can be purchased as individual reports per instrument or as a package.
  • Leadership Potential and Challenge reports provide a summary of each scale across 2 pages including behavioural implications, leadership implications, competency analyses and developmental recommendations.
  • The Leadership Values report provides a one page summary of each scale focusing on drivers, fit, leadership style & culture and potential unconscious biases as well as a second page suggesting 4 developmental points for each value with a leader focus.

Summary & Coaching:

  • The Coaching report takes the individual through a 5 step coaching development process aimed at strategic self awareness. Step 1 is to analyse their job with Step 5 culminating in the integration of previous steps with their personality data to form a development plan.
  • The Summary report gives an overview of the 3 Leadership forecast reports. The report focuses on performance strengths, challenges and key values and drivers and provides a snapshot to consider future performance improvement goals.