The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) Announces New Premier Partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems

New York, March 16, 2022 – The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), representing the leading firms in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide, today announces a new partnership with Hogan, an international leader in assessments. Hogan will collaborate with AESC and its global membership, providing expertise on assessments and leadership development. In addition, Hogan will serve as the exclusive assessments sponsor of AESC programming, including virtual AESC Conferences for AESC Members and their clients.

The strategic alliance between Hogan and AESC represents the commitment of both organizations to exceptional standards and service to the executive search and leadership consulting profession. AESC Members operate as trusted advisors to organizations around the world in the areas of leaders, culture and strategy. As an AESC partner, Hogan exemplifies AESC standards through its expertise and thought leadership in assessments that predict executive performance so selection committees can select the right candidate for every role—without bias.

Karen Greenbaum, AESC President and CEO, commented: “AESC is built on a foundation of quality standards in executive search and leadership consulting. That rigorous commitment extends to the organizations with whom we choose to partner. We are proud to partner with Hogan, a global leader with three decades of science-based expertise in candidate assessments. Hogan shares our rigorous commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as outlined in the AESC Code of Professional Practice. AESC members champion diverse leadership—they identify the most qualified talent by searching and assessing without bias.”

Hogan CEO Scott Gregory stated: “We work with many colleagues in the search industry, and we know AESC is highly valued by them. We appreciate the confidence AESC is putting in Hogan by making us one of their select partners, and we look forward to developing a close relationship.”

About Hogan

Hogan Assessments is the international leader in personality insights. With the world’s largest database of personality research and decades’ worth of experience in psychometrics, Hogan produces valid, reliable personality assessments that measure everyday strengths, potential shortcomings, and values and motivators. More than 75% of the Fortune 500 rely on Hogan’s suite of talent acquisition and development solutions for their people strategy. Hogan’s solutions empower organizations to hire the right people without bias, boost productivity, reduce turnover, promote diversity and inclusion, identify high-potential talent, develop leaders, and inspire employees to do their best. Learn more at

About AESC

Since 1959, AESC has set the quality standard for the executive search and leadership consulting profession. AESC Members represent 16,000+ trusted professionals in 1,200+ offices, spanning 70+ countries. AESC Members are recognized experts providing consulting services in the areas of leaders, teams and culture to the world’s leading organizations. They leverage their access and expertise to place more than 100,000 executives each year in board of directors and C-level positions across industry sectors. Dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide, AESC and its members share a deep commitment to the highest quality standards in executive search and leadership consulting—for the benefit of clients and the profession. We Shape. Connect. Educate. Learn more about us at For AESC’s career service connecting executive-level candidates to the world’s leading executive search firms, visit


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