PROFILE:MATCH2 The Affordable Solution to Volume Recruitment

PROFILE:MATCH2™  is an intelligent psychometric that takes the rigour of personality assessment and translates it into your competency language, whether you’re an HR manager looking for an effective solution for volume recruitment or a sole trader with a part-time vacancy to fill. 

Here’s the scenario: You work for a world leading organisation looking to hire graduates on your graduate scheme. Each year, you receive hundreds of applications and you’re tasked with the job of selecting your future workforce. How can PROFILE:MATCH2™ help with your volume recruitment?

Traditionally, personality assessments required the expertise of a psychologist to interpret the scores, translate those into expected behaviours/disposition and then map those into the competencies required by any particular role.

PROFILE:MATCH2™, however, translates candidate’s personality scores into competency fit. Resulting in an easily readable report written in workplace language rather than psycho-babble, allowing you to easily compare and contrast candidates in a fair and objective process.

Starting with an integrated job analysis survey, PROFILE:MATCH2™ allows you to identify the critical competencies for a job, create a template for assessment and choose the most appropriate report output. Report options cover sifting, selection, interview guides, personal development and 360 applications


A year after hiring someone, we re-read their P:M2 Selection report. It’s always spot on for their performance for those competencies.
HR Manger

What does PROFILE:MATCH2™ help you to achieve?

Lift the bonnet of PROFILE:MATCH2™ and you’ll see a dual-engine. One part of this engine is a personality assessment. This personality assessment involved is based on the Five Factor Model, a robust and valid tool that captures and represents personality. The other part of this engine is the competency metrics system. This is where all of the algorithms sit that allow candidate’s personality scores to be converted into competency fit scores.


Personality reflects an individual’s temperament; the typical way in which an individual approaches and responds to things. This temperament is the driving force behind our behaviours. It determines whether, for instance, we seek to engage with people, if we are open to new ideas and how anxious we feel when taking risks. As each role within a workplace requires different skills from employees, personality can shine a light on who is best suited to meet these requirements.


This part of the engine takes personality scores and maps them onto competencies using algorithms. The algorithms re-score the chosen personality scores to create a competency fit score. The algorithms are created by our team of highly experienced psychologists and are informed by both the research relating performance to personality, and the psychologists’ expert judgement.

Once candidates in the volume recruitment process have completed the questionnaire, reports are generated showing how they measure up to each of the key competencies chosen. The report makes it easy to identify the candidates with characteristics that are the best match for the role, or to identify areas that would require further development.

QUESTION: What if I don’t know which competencies would be needed for a role?

Within PROFILE:MATCH2™, there is a tool called the Job Analysis Survey. This can be taken by the employer, subject matter expert, or current employee and will identify the top 8 competencies for the role.

And the best bit about the Job Analysis Survey? It’s free for anybody with an active PROFILE:MATCH2™ account!

QUESTION: What if a competency isn’t included on PROFILE:MATCH2™?

It is most likely that the skills required for your competency are included in PROFILE:MATCH2™. It may have a different name, but each of our competencies come with a short description of what they represent so you should be able to find what you need. If not, our team are always on hand to help you out.

QUESTION: Do I need any qualifications to use PROFILE:MATCH2™?

Unlike other psychometric tools, you do not need to be trained to use PROFILE:MATCH2™. The accessible language means that anybody can use it.  And without the need for a training course, PROFILE:MATCH2™ is affordable for all employers.

Better still, there are no annual fees or set up fees for a PROFILE:MATCH2™ account. So all you need is to set up an account and you’re ready to go!

Our knowledgeable consultants here at PCL recently filmed the following Q&A video, answering all your burning questions on the tool as well as details of how you can explore the assessments for yourself.

PCL talks; How to Recruit your next Employee Fairly and Objectively, Using Modern Psychometric Tools

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