Risk Type Compass Provides New Lens For Recruitment

The Situation

A major high-tech company was looking to quickly recruit a new research and development (R&D) team to support growing client demand. It was important for new team members to fit within the organisational culture and be sufficiently risk-tolerant to meet the pressures of a fast-growing and dynamic sector.

The Solution

An executive coach employed by the company used Risk Type Compass to firstly assess the risk dispositions of three company directors. Analysis revealed they had very similar risk personalities, with a clear preference towards the ‘adventurous’ side of the compass, indicating they were intrepid, enterprising and optimistic. During the R&D recruitment process, candidates’ risk personalities were compared against the role requirements and the directors’ profiles to reveal any similarities and discrepancies.

The Results

Candidates’ risk profiles were discussed at interview and helped to inform who was hired for the roles. Additionally, the risk analysis gave the company directors invaluable insights that helped them to understand how risk personality impacts decision-making. Having a clearer appreciation of their own and their colleagues’ risk dispositions enabled them to enhance both their internal communication and project management.


• Major high-tech company seeks to hire dynamic R&D team


• Risk Type Compass is used to assess candidates’ risk profiles and compare against role requirements and directors’ profiles


• Risk analysis instrumental in recruitment decisions and ongoing team management

The risk profiles gave the company and candidates a new lens for reviewing the social dynamics of the team, their preferences and their behaviour. They were instrumental in both the recruitment and ongoing approach to team management.

Clive Steeper

Executive Coach

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