Risk Type & Lawyers: An Interview With Ileana Boyes

At the individual level, practising law demands a range of tasks and behaviours. The legal profession is epitomised by tireless research, study and preparation punctuated by occasional trial-shaped flashpoints. Fulfilment of professional duties demands self-discipline, a methodical approach and an eye for detail, and working hours usually extend beyond the typical nine-to-five.

Be it the overarching mission of the law or the day-to-day tasks of the jobs it encompasses, seeking employment in the industry can speak volumes about an individual. As Psychologists, we are interested in exploring if and how individuals working in the legal profession vary temperamentally from the general population.

Here, PCL’s Chief Psychologist, Gillian Hyde, interviews Ileana Boyes – the researcher behind the paper ‘Do Legal Professionals Have A Risk Type?’ – about the implications of the legal profession’s risk dispositions.

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