We’ve all been there. Sat in an interview room discussing your weaknesses, where you’d like to be in five years, and why you have a yearlong gap in your C.V. between the ages of 18 and 19. Interviewers tend to fall back to the same ‘top 10 things to ask in an interview’ that have been in place for decades, but how effective are these questions? How can you tell if the answers given will really reflect on-the-job performance, or whether the applicant is just excellent at telling a story? 

Interview Guide

The cost of making the wrong decision in the hiring process can have a detrimental effect on the bottom line of a business, with ACAS estimating the cost to replace an employee being around £30,000. So, making sure the questions asked are effective in revealing the relevant information required about a candidate’s competencies for that particular role, will support a successful hire.

How can this be done?

Before you advertise the job vacancy, determine the competencies the role relies on. Persuasive communication? Creativity? Decision-making? This can be done via a discussion between individuals who have filled the role prior, or, more efficiently, via the use of Profile:Match2’s Job Analysis Survey.

What is Profile:Match2 (P:M2)?

P:M2 is our personality assessment tool underpinned by the Five Factor Model, which, if you’ve not heard of the Five Factor Model, is the most scientifically valid measure of personality differences, globally.

Once the competencies have been selected, via the (free) Job Analysis Survey, your candidates can complete the personality assessment. Which assessment to use? Once again, we’d recommend P:M2 (yes, we are really proud of our selection and development tool, and so yes, this blog post will flog it!)

This is where the Interview Guide comes into play.

P:M2’s Interview Guide, generated following the candidate’s completion of the assessment, provides commentary and insight into the interviewee’s competency scores.

If a candidate gets a score of the relevant personality scale that is too high or too low for that competency, then applicable interview questions will appear within the guide which can be used to highlight areas that require further evidence.

Keen to learn more? Click to explore the tool, and get in touch to trial the Interview Guide, supporting your next successful hire. And the answer to why the scarecrow got the job? He was pretty outstanding in his field, thanks to the reliability of P:M2.

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